The best disinfection method for rooms and equipment

The best disinfection method for rooms and equipment

The best disinfection method for rooms and equipment

Technology can save lives

Every year more than 35,000 people suffer from hospital infections in Norway. Between 2000 and 4000 people die. Decon-X has developed technology that can reduce these numbers.

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria cause most infections, and therefore, we know that better disinfection of near-patient equipment and rooms will have an effect. That is also the reason why a number of medical institutions choose our method of disinfection.

Our technology is based on a fully automated, safe and simple process that removes 99.9999% of all viruses, bacteria and spores.

This is how the technology works

See how the technology can help reduce hospital infections in this video!

What can Decon-X do for you?

Our disinfection robot helps ensure a safer indoor environment and a better life for staff, patients and residents in medical institutions. We know that antibiotic-resistant bacteria pose a rising challenge in the health sector as well as in the food industry. It is proven that our automated method of disinfection reduces the risk of infection. It effectively removes bacteria, viruses and spores from the air, surfaces and equipment, and the user automatically receives a report of the facts of the disinfection process.

Decon-X is easy to use:

  • Place the machine in the room to be disinfected.
  • Push the button and leave the room.
  • A report is automatically submitted via SMS or email when the disinfection process is complete.

The process is controlled by sensors that measure the most important parameters during the disinfection process; concentration of hydrogen peroxide, temperature and humidity. This ensures that the disinfection process is carried out with verified and controlled efficiency, while all process-related documentation is generated and submitted to the machine user.

We deliver equipment and solutions for hospitals, nursing homes and ambulances in Scandinavia today, and also see challenges within the food industry and in buildings/homes. Our solutions are available through sale, lease and as a total service delivery.

«The documentation demonstrates that the product is effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, spores, viruses and fungi.»
-Norwegian Medicines Agency

In cooperation with Computas, Decon-X has prepared a report that illustrates the extent of hospital infections in Norway, their costs to society and the individual person, and the potential impact of prevention and reduction of the number of hospital infections. The report provides updated figures for costs associated with hospital infections in Norwegian hospitals and clearly demonstrates the potential savings to society when measures are implemented to reduce the number of patients that are infected; please refer to the facts below.

  • The costs of hospital infections in Norway are NOK 2.1 billion annually
  • A 10% reduction in the number of hospital infections can result in savings for the Norwegian national health service of NOK 208 million per year
  • A 20% reduction in the number of hospital infections can result in savings for the Norwegian national health service of NOK 417 million per year
  • Structured efforts to prevent hospital infections have proven helpful in reducing the number of infections and thereby also the costs.

You are welcome to contact us to receive the report.

Our solutions are tailored to users' needs, and the machines can be rented, purchased or ordered as a total service delivery.

In case of outbreaks, Decon-X will, together with the customer, quickly plan and implement the most optimal solution to minimise and combat the outbreak.

All our disinfecting machines are equipped with wireless technology that enables the user to monitor the process via smart phone, tablet or PC/Mac.

The machines submit reports confirming that the process is carried out correctly, or if there have been deviations during the disinfection process. Deviations are for example reported if the ventilation is not shut off or if the room is not sealed off properly. The same applies in case of too high or too low temperatures, or if the humidity levels are outside the recommended ranges.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information or questions you might have.

About us

In 2009, Bjørn Platou nearly lost his arm due to a hospital infection following an operation of the shoulder, and this experience became the inspiration and cause for his involvement in the further development of the Decon-X method.

The intention was to develop a user-friendly disinfection machine that controlled the processes and ensured automated disinfection solutions for hospitals and nursing homes.

The first version of our automated disinfection machine, Decon-X DX1, was delivered towards the end of 2014.

Our main goal is to always achieve a reduction of at least 99.9999% of all microbes; that is a log 6 reduction.

Today's technology is based on tests carried out in the company's own test rooms, and by partners in a 3-year research study financed under the BIA programme of the Research Council of Norway. The removal of microorganisms is verified at Statens Serum Institut in Denmark, Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden and at Oslo University Hospital Ullevål in Norge.

Decon-X has delivered solutions and machines to medical institutions in Norway, Sweden and Denmark since 2014, and currently has collaborating partners and distributors in the Nordic countries, South-Europe and the Middle East.

In January 2016, Decon-X was awarded a grant from the Research Council of Norway for the project: Next generation disinfection machine and new areas for automated disinfection (Innovation project within business and industry - BIA). Partners in the project are Nofima, Christian Michelsen Research, Gexcon, Grilstad, Lerøy Fossen, Sunnaas Hospital and the Salvation Army Street Hospital.

The grant from the Research Council – together with the expertise and the experience of the project partners – enables further research in order to limit hospital infections, and also to concentrate on extended research for use in new areas - such as bacterial removal within the food production industry. Several areas are facing serious challenges today, and many of the methods used are environmentally harmful and without sufficient automation or process control.

Decon-X technology and machines are developed in Norway and produced in Hønefoss by Tronrud Engineering. The method is approved by the Norwegian Medicines Agency.

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